Is There Really A Problem?

On the surface, and to most people, this problem seems as simple as kids playing their music very loud. The truth of the matter is that this problem is so complex in so many ways that much of problem is merely in explaining the problem itself.

As you soak up this information, you will begin to understand how severe and deep this problem really is. You will learn, among many other things, that much of that music isn't really music, and that only some of those kids are kids. You will begin to understand why boom cars upset you, and the dire implications behind those sensations.

If you would like a quick, simplified rundown of some of the problems caused by boom cars, then for starters ...

It has been documented by the World Health Organization (WHO) and others that boom car noise:

  • Causes physical damage at the cellular level
  • Can damage human organs
  • Induces hearing loss
  • Impedes learning and cognitive development processes
  • Evokes hypertension
  • Leads to aggressive behavior
  • Causes stress and sleep loss
  • Leads to depression

These should be reason enough to ban the sale and use of this type of HI/LF noise maker.

There are other clear reasons why this type of noise needs to stop:

  • A person who has the right to not listen to this noise is totally unable to escape it; thus their rights are violated.
  • Boom car operators are often associated with many other types of crimes.
  • Boom car noise impedes the safety and awareness of motorists and pedestrians through blatant distraction.
  • It is often too difficult, if not impossible, to identify the perpetrator of acoustic terrorism due to distances, speed, and physical obstacles, thus preventing the reporting of an offense.
  • Even at its lowest volumes, this type of noise continues upsetting and irritating unwilling listeners like almost no other stimulus can.
  • Sound technology (highly amplified, low frequency output) is outpacing current laws (measured in db-A).
  • Military and educational system are advocating the use of boom car technology because it reaches the kids.
  • The aggressive nature of the perpetrators has directly lead to the murders of innocent victims.
  • Boom car noise is a continual offense to homeowners and recreation seekers.
  • Boom car equipment manufacturers base their marketing platform on senseless aggression, social agitation, and the destruction of the well-being of decent citizens.
  • Citizens are forced into grass roots campaigns against this type of noise due to wealth of industrial lobbyists.
  • Boom cars are often used to announce the receipt of a new drug shipment to a neighborhood.
  • Citizens are virtually limited in their autonomy to address this problem (legally).
  • Amplified noise was used effectively as a weapon by U.S. forces to defeat General Manuel Noriega.
  • Property values decrease in affected areas.
  • Research on low frequency amplification for use as a non-lethal control by police was discontinued because of its physically destructive affects to bystanders and, potentially, the subject as well.
  • Boom cars interfere with the motorist's ability to hear and respond to emergency vehicles.
  • Noise was the number one neighborhood complaint and the number one reason people move, based on census figures.
  • There is absolutely no redeeming social, spiritual, economic, or ethical value in the emission of repetitious thumping noises and vibrations that can be heard and felt for over a quarter of a mile.
  • Property owners are driven to the point of having to move to other areas of a town or state to find temporary comfort.
  • Not taking timely and appropriate action is the equivalent of demanding that American citizens, including war veterans who fought to ensure our peace and freedom, be subjected to the toxic fallout of the boom car operators instead of being able to enjoy peace that they fought so hard for, even inside their own homes.
  • We the people have patently tolerated this insane situation far past the point of fairness, and have endured to the edge of our human ability to cope with this abrasive, aggressive, obnoxious, in-your-face activity.

Many folks will be able to relate to this societal abomination on a more personal level...

  • You are stressed out for being forced to listen to a constant, obnoxious, distracting, dull, percussive THUMP, THUMP THUMP, THUMP, THUMP throughout the day, every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of every year of your life.
  • You are awakened from sleep at 2:30 AM, and/or robbed of restful sleep, and/or cheated of naps that are needed to compensate for lack of sleep.
  • You are unable to enjoy dinners on the deck, quiet moments with your kids, garden therapy, or other restful activities in your own back yard.
  • Sometimes you can't even enjoy a dinner inside a restaurant without being victimized.
  • It is difficult to drive anywhere without some inconsiderate jerk infringing on your constitutional right to not have to listen to his "music" the entire time you are having to wait at the light, drive abreast, or even travel near him.
  • You are prevented from performing business or personal endeavors (such as listening to your own music) even when you are IN YOUR OWN HOME, WITH YOUR WINDOWS AND DOORS SHUT, AND YOUR HEADPHONES ON!
  • Although many of you can actually feel the percussions in your sinus cavity and against your solar plexus, and pressure in your ears, you meet people who are seemingly unaffected by the booming bass, and so you think you are the only one hearing/feeling/experiencing it.
  • Your attempts at reasonable communication with an offender (if you can identify where it is coming from) are met with rude indifference, manual gestures, or increased amplification.
  • You are leery of confronting an offender for fear you might be shot. (Yup. There are definite criminal ties here.)
  • You can hear/feel the thump but cannot tell police or the offender about your discomfort because you are not sure where it is coming from or how far away it might be.
  • Calls to 911 are met with "there's nothing we can do about it," or "well, they're not breaking the law."
  • Your quality of life is going south because you are constantly distracted from your pursuits by that constant NOISE!
  • Even at low decibels, the percussive nature of the bass seems like someone pounding their fist against your house, agravating the occupants and making it difficult to concentrate on work, hobbies, communication, or other life issues.
  • Your family and loved ones may be stressed because they see how increasingly frustrated you are and feel helpless to do anything about it.

So, is there really a problem with boom cars?

Boom car operators don't seem to think so.
That is a big problem.

To further understand this problem, you need to look at each of its following aspects:

The most thorough and BEST explanation of this problem is provided by a thoughtful, caring, well-educated, insightful and studious nurse, named Patrice Thomas, in her Boom Car Noise booklet, which she has unselfishly provided on this web site.