To the Boom Car Boy

Playing your loud car stereos is taking away our right to quiet, our health and our quality of life. Please do not play them or promote them any longer. Thank you.

Let it not be said that you never knew or have never been nicely asked.

We would truly like for that to be the end of the problem. Unfortunately, the majority of people who are forced to ask nicely that their rights be restored from inconsiderate boom car operators aren't respected, and the booming continues.

Thus, here is one last attempt to make you understand your plight so that you may not have to be fined, jailed, or have your personal property taken away. By the way, that only happens to perpetrators that haven't the brains to figure out when they are offending society, or who refuse to get the message. Get it?

If that message fails to bring you into the fold of civilized human behavior, then you are probably a thug or criminal and fully deserve what you have coming to you. Complain to your lawyer, not to us or to law enforcement.

There is no more discussion.

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