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Heroes and Heroines

These individuals and groups have made a marked difference in our quality of life by being proactive in restoring our soundscape.

With the deepest thanks of millions of Americans, we give our respect and honor to...

Charles Jones
Seargent Ken Jones
Clifford Crowley
Billy Higgenbothem
Judy Ellis
Dr. Louis Hagler
Britt Kennerly
James Fennell
S. Jon King
David A. Franczyk
George Poague
Chrissy Ingram
Jason Love
Gail Bullock
Jack Thompson (IHOP)
Mayor, Arthur U. Magee

Ron Czapala
Mark Huber
Richard Tur
Dr. Arline Bronzaft
Patrice Thomas
Susan Nunn
Les Blomberg
Eduardo Bonsi
James Kaufman
Samson City Council
Shirley Dean
J. J. Surbeck
Sam Merulla
Ypsilanti Township
Chief Alan Weatherford
(Gulfport, MS
Chief Steven Settingsgaard
(Peoria, IL)
Capt. Darryl Stephens
David Staudacher
Kerri Kleinschmidt
Melvin Pedersen
Lila Pedersen
Benny Keister
Jamie Gates
Michael Wright
Mindy Moore
Richard Thayer
David Carter
Dr. Marek Roland-Mieszkowski
Mindy Moore
T. Bythewood
Denise Caruloff



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