These resources are meant to enable you to communicate key information with those who can make a differrence in your community. They are sorted on this page by their use as either an Activity or a Reference.


Sign the petition sponsoredby Citizens Against Audio Trespass.

Finally! A PowerPoint presentation you can share with law enforcement, community leaders and school administration. The information in the presentation should give them the understanding they need to promote change in your neighborhood and community.

For the ideal presentation, download the
Lower the boom Community Awareness Presentation Package here.
This self-extracting folder contains easy instructions, the Powerpoint presentation file, and the printable Presentation Notes. Very easy to use. Give it a try. It's free.

For the downloadable package, you or your audience/host will need:

  • Microsoft Powerpoint software
  • A projector that displays your PC screen
  • A printer (for the Notes file)

The package available through the link above provides the preferred method of delivery, and you should download it so that you get the Instructions and Presentation Notes.

If the bulleted items above are not available, it is then suggested that you run the Online Version of the slide show from this site. (Press the F11 key to enlarge your screen during the presentation.) You should still use the Presentation Notes printed from your computer.

If you need the Presentation Notes to display online, or you cannot be present for the slide show, use this complete online version as a last resort. Remember to download the presentation package using the link above so you will have the instructions.

Believe it or not, some perpetrators will not listen to their parents, you, or law enforcement. They will, however, listen to a judge. If your neighborhood bully is bullheaded, or your local police are lax, you may need to sue. Judy Ellis, who has successfully sued and won, provides us with some basic legal tools toward that end. Check out the Sue-em Kit.

Send this Complaint Letter to businesses where frequent booming ruins your visit.

If you've visited a noisy city on your travels, modify the Complaint Letter and send it to the Chamber of Commerce for that city. Go to Alta Vista and type in (city name chamber of commerce) and you will usually get a valid web site with the chamber's address and/or e-mail address. While you're at it, send a copy to the local Visitor's Bureau.

Comment to everyone from the President to Dateline from one great site. Let them know how you truly feel. Write to all of them!

It's HERE! Patrice Thomas' 'Boom Cars and Boom Houses' flyer. This one-page encapsulation of boom car/house noise is available in PDF format for you to print out and distribute very easily and cheaply to neighbors, audience groups, parents of perps(?), etc.. Wake up the nation!

Also available! Patrice Thomas' tri-fold brochure - 'Boom Cars: A Noise Weapon.'
Perfect for sending key information through the US Mail. To create a master:

1) Print the INSIDE material.
2) Turn over the printed page and reinsert it in your printer.
3) Print the OUTSIDE material.

Your local copy store can mass produce any number of these you may need, on any type of paper you choose.
(Alternatively, you might save the two files above to a floppy disk and tell the copy technician to print them front-to-back.)

Bumper stickers (approximately $3.00 @; e-mail request)

Reference Library


The best first step you can take is to read (free and online) Boom Car Noise, by Patrice Thomas. It will open your eyes and help you get a perspective on the problem, both on a personal level and for the big picture. The read is easy, fun, and enlightening. It will prep you for battle against boom and ignorance.

If you prefer, you may download the PDF version here.

Educating our children to care for our sound environment will help provide them with a better world to live in. Dr. Arline Bronzaft's poetic 'Listen to the Raindrops' (illustrated by Steven Parton) is highly recommended.

US Department Of Justice Report on Car Stereos.pdf
This is a large file, so please be patient. Also, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view a .pdf file.

You can download Acrobat Reader here
for FREE.

OR -- Download the PDF file here

Codes and Ordinances

The General Code Advantage Web site contains some well-written noise codes. also contains a set of federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, and other related references.


School/Community Resources

Stop That Noise! is a hands-on multi-media program which includes lesson plans with a variety of activities to engage the children's interest and participation. Stop That Noise! is now being used in over 300 school districts in every state and in 9 foreign countries.

Teaching Sound Hygiene

Noise Free America's Things You Can Do