Victims' Voices

You may, like a vast number of people, think that you are alone in your suffering! See if these opinions reflect any of what is going on inside you. Here are seven from all over the country, from rural townships to metro areas. Other letters seem to echo these sentiments.

"When I hear/feel the booms, I feel like that hateful violent obscenity is being constantly thrown at my body and being pounded into every cell of it. I feel like I am being violently and hatefully acoustically raped. Like the person driving the vehicle (or playing the stationary stereo system) would prefer to come and rape and beat me, and everyone they are passing, physically, but they know they can't get away with that.
So instead they use their car or their home/portable stereo system as the weapon. Plus if they are in a car they get to accost and rape so many in such a short time just by driving through any neighborhood!"

"Boom car booming makes feel incredibly angry and helpless, as there's no way I can get that particular person who just drove by to be held accountable for what they just did. I feel sick that I know that the driver of the boom car is enjoying my suffering - that that is indeed their goal."

"... my heart starts pounding, I feel anxious, scared, helpless - but most of all consumed with utter rage. Have to fight the urge to counterattack what feels to me to be an out and out assault.
Yesterday thought of getting a fake-looking gun to threaten them with but my boyfriend pointed out that I'D get in trouble. So -- they're allowed to do whatever they want, yet I'm supposed to sit there and take it. This is the essence of the pain I feel about
these assaults."

"I have also thought about taking my fight to the street with a ball bat and a brick. The brick goes through the windshield of the Boom Car thus, hopefully, stopping it long enough to use the ball bat on the boom car bastard's head. Then they would understand why we hate them so much. I have been BOOMED past insanity today by these bastards."

"But worse than that...and my #1 biggest complaint are the Hip-Hop generation with their SONIC BOOM BOXES. Why do I need a ten-minute warning that some punk is on his way home every day? Why do I need to be jolted awake at 2:00 a.m. by the bass of a car stereo? Why does this kind of thing go on without any intervention?"

"... feel that any time a boom car goes by that I indeed being acoustically raped. (Plus everyone else in the boom car's path also.) It's so outrageous and I am perpetually stunned it's happening and not being stopped. The combination of the loud pounding, the hostility and lack of consideration of the driver, and the hateful violent hostility of most of the "music" that is being played, is unbelievably unacceptable and offensive."

"My experience has be similar to what you guys have described. I feel as if I've been beat up on all day. My very life has been
robbed from me and like C., there is no escape in my price range. Boom, Vroom cars and loud motorcycles, have changed my life forever. Just like you guys. These punks have already destroyed our country."

"I am essentially a gentle and non-violent person; however, whenever a "Boom Car" invades my life I immediately feel a tremendous surge of anger build up inside of me. Regardless of what I am doing at the moment, I become paralyzed with anxiety and anger.
I even experience violent thoughts toward the source of the offending noise that are even foreign to my character. This pent-up anger leaves me feeling as though I am suppressing a raging volcano from errupting with no relief. The worst part of this all is that I feel so totally powerless to change this problem."

Some letters contain a little more ire than these, not because those people are violent or unreasonable, but because they are law abiding, have been tested to the very limits of their restraint, and are inundated by highly amplified frequencies that elicit aggression and rage caused by the release of adrenaline into their bloodstream - over and over, every day.
(Yes, many have expressed the paintball/egg/baseball bat/brick fantasy. As we said - you are not alone.)

Here are more comments from the average American citizen...