Here are real examples of manufacturers' advertising. You don't see them because they don't want you to see them. They appear in magazines that are published by, and generate wealth for, the noise industrial complex.

It should give you plenty of insight as to the manufacturers' ethics, and the mindset of the boom car operators. There is no doubt that this is all about the money-making process winning out over the rights and health of human beings.

Our social fabric begins to rip thusly ...

"Either we love bass, or hate your neighbors"
(JBL, Harman Kardon)

"Disturb the Peace"

"All New Ways to Offend."

"Performance they'll hear a mile away"

"Shake the living; Wake the dead"
(Cerwin Vega)

"Cold Blooded"

"Lethal Assault"
(Lightning Audio)

"...achieving the sound your neighbors fear."
(Sony Xplod Car Audio)

"No escape from the hellacious pounding of the subwoofers and the aggressive in-your-face power"
(Directed Electronics Corporation)

"It's not my remote---it's my detonator!"
(Sony XPlod)

"Disturb, Defy, Disrupt, Ignite"
(Pioneer Electronics)

"Put the over forty set into cardiac arrest."
(Prestige Audio)

"Head-Splitting, Heart-stopping, Ear-shattering, Mind-numbing, Retina-detaching MX Audio Thunder 9500 Subwoofer."
(MTX Audio)

"You want the bigggest badddest speakers and amplifiers you can afford. Of course you risk a certain lack of appreciation from your neighbors, or maybe the whole town, ... but what the hell."
(Electronix Warehouse)

This is the advertising as presented to perpetrators of sonic assault. It leaves no doubt that this multi-billion-dollar-per-year industry, and their patrons, know exactly what effect they are having on others. Allow us now to reiterate with confidence the claim that was made on this Web site home page:

"Our quality of life has been devistated through the unconscionable greed of the manufacturers who market the misuse of infrasonic technology and promote audio terrorism to those who have no sense of empathy or respect for the rights of others."