Here we go again...

These comments represent most of the dead livestock that are repeatedly thrown over the castle wall by budding geniuses whose gray matter might be temporarily under assault from high intensity/low-frequency bombardment.

(Boomers --Look for the hidden clues on this page.)

[I always turn my stereo down at intersections.]

This is a clear indication of how little understanding you have of the problem. While you drive through residential neighborhoods, we hear you coming (and passing) up to a half mile away. That is a one-mile swath around your car at each given moment. As you travel, your booming invades hundreds of people's homes in a matter of seconds (hey cool man). In addition, those traveling parallel to you have to hear it perpetually.

[You guys have too much time on your hands. Get a life.]

We used to have lives. Our lives involved many creative, productive endeavors, some of which you might have benefited from one day. That quality of life ended along with our concentration and affective latitude. We can't do those things now because of you. Since we can't do the productive things for which God made us, we now have no better course of action than to try and get it back. It will be that way until we don't have to endure you inconsideration any longer.

[I am a responsible boomer. It's just a few bad apples that are spoiling it for all of us.]

You would be smart to start policing your own rather than arguing with those who hold the same opinion as you. What? You don't have a clue as to how to do that? Welcome to

By the way -- you and those few bad apples are just the unwitting puppets dancing on the whims of a multicorporate ploy to make money regardless of the damage done. (Thank you, MERA/SEMA, for making America a worse place for all of us to live.) Those who boom at (gee do you think they are MERA/SEMA-sponsored?) dB drag races are pouring millions of dollars into the coffers of those who promote street booming by idiots and thugs. You are part of your own problem and don't have the brains to see it.

[Don't you think that quote on your home page [Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves...] is a bit hypocritical?]

No. As long as you're booming, only one set of people is being denied their freedom. This is a really tough one to chew through, I know, but try really really hard. First -- you have no right from God or the US Government to bombard people with HI/LF noise in their own homes. Second -- the rights of the victims then are the only ones that have been invaded. Hypocritical? No; your cheap shot misses the mark by 180 degrees. Can you say "rationalization?"

[Why don't you spend your time on things that are really important in this world.]

You wouldn't believe how much most of us victims contribute to greater causes. We would like to do more, but right now our lives are on hold until you shut the hell up. It's pretty obvious to most of us that the vast majority of you are not the least bit philanthropic. In fact, you have no respect for your fellow man. You are part of the problem - a very unnecessary part. I'm sure you all volunteer at the nursing home and give to the homeless shelter all that money you were saving for your next stereo upgrade. Why - you'd just be a bunch of little hypocrites if you didn't. Eh?

[It just last for a couple seconds. Why don't you just get over it.]

How about if you take just one kick in the gonads, my little truant? How about one little laser beam in the ole retina. It's just one time. It only lasts a couple of seconds, and it's not very loud at all! Oh, and then take one from my friend in a minute or two, then another, then another, then...

Can you honestly not even figure that one out?

[We have a right to listen to what we want.]

So do we, but we can't because you continually pump an irrational intensity of sound waves through our personal space. You really think that argument doesn't make you look like a complete idiot?

[Car audio is a wonderful hobby. I'd be lost without it.]

Jeffrey Dahmer would have been lost without his hobby, too. Find a hobby that doesn't irritate millions of people; unless, that is, you are a sociopath or a moron. They are of the only two groups who would knowingly continue to be so disruptive to so many lives after being informed.

[How dare you generalize and label all people with high performance stereo systems as "criminals and murderers...]

Hmmmm. As soon as we find out just where we printed that, we'll get it right off the Web site. Authorities do bear witness, however, that there is a strong correlation. Don't you think, RapMaster? And guess what. If your trunk thumpers are exceeding your community's noise ordinance level, you are breaking the law. That makes you a law breakers. See the connection? Boom = break law.

Oh, relax. Those of us with an issue understand it isn't all of you; just too many of you.

[Some of us just happen to enjoy our music, loud. We don't necessarily choose to do it
just to ruin other people’s peace.]

No one is judging your motives, including the local officer who is going to write out your ticket. You are breaking a law that is in place to urge you not to disturb other people. Laws are for those with no social compass and who must actually be told to have consideration for others. Nobody should have ever needed to tell you to keep your stereo down in the first place.

[This is America. We have the right to do whatever we want.]

Asleep in social studies, were we? Please contact your local police, lawyer, or civics instructor, and review you community noise ordinances and the U.S. Constitution to try to confirm your devilishly insightful loophole.

By the way, is that the same U.S. Constitution that was written largely to "ensure the domestic tranquility?"

Many more boom car operators' defensive quotes are just too inane to print or respond to. Some illustrate a disturbing level of academic retardation and mental illness.