RPD Cracks Down on Noise
by Kate Welshofer
Published Jun 13, 2005

Turn it down or pay up. That's the message from the Rochester Police Department to those who love to crank up their stereos.

Police are out in force looking for people violating the city's noise ordinance. According to the law, if your car stereo can be heard more than 50 feet or three car lengths away it's too loud. "We don't mind you playing your car stereo, especially when it's nice out and you can keep your windows open,” explained Officer Mike Perkowski, “but when it affects the quality of life of residents around you, that's when it gets too loud."

If you're found in violation of the law, you'll get more than a ticket, your car will get towed.

"City council enacted that ordinance and really it gave us, put a little more bite into the ordinance in telling somebody, 'hey, you want to play your stereo, then you're going to lose your car for a few hours and pay additional fee to get it back,’" Perkowski said.

The fees add up. The ticket alone is $100. Towing fees and the cost of getting your car out of the pound boost the bill to nearly $300.

Police are also keeping an ear out for noisy homeowners. Music should not be able to be heard beyond the property line of a person's home between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. The rest of the time, it should not be heard 50 feet beyond the property line.

Rochester resident Charles Davis says he does what he can to be considerate of his neighbors and wishes they would do the same. Davis says loud music from nearby houses and passing cars is a problem. He believes hitting violators in the wallet will go a long way to making his corner of Rochester quieter.

“Oh, I think they'll stop,” he said. “ They don't want to pay that money.”

The Rochester Police Department conducts special noise details at least three times a year.