Council considers turning down the volume in Hancock

By Kurt Hauglie, Gazette Writer

HANCOCK - It may soon become a little quieter in Hancock if the city council adopts a noise ordinance restricting audible sound to less than 50 feet.

On Wednesday, the council discussed adopting an ordinance similar to one in Sterling Heights, Mich. Among other things, the ordinance applies to horns and signaling devices, electronic devices and musical instruments, vehicle noises and most importantly to some council members, mobile sound amplification, such as vehicle stereo speakers.

The Sterling Heights proposal allows exemptions for permitted functions, emergency vehicles and some construction activity.

Councilwoman Mary Tuisku said some residents and business people she's talked to are concerned about the loud bass speakers in some vehicles which can shake the ground and rattle windows.

Councilwoman Lisa McKenzie said it's important that the city not get too restrictive with a noise ordinance.

The council voted unanimously to accept a McKenzie proposal to submit the noise ordinance to the police department for consideration of its enforceability.