Four children, adult injured in Boynton Beach crash

The Associated Press


BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -- Four children and an adult were seriously injured

Friday when a motorist who was fleeing police slammed into another car,

authorities said.


The driver of a blue Honda was fleeing a marked Boynton Beach police car

Friday evening when the Honda crashed into a silver Toyota at an

intersection, police said.


The Toyota was carrying five children and an adult driver, and the crash

resulted in the ejection of several of the children, police said.


Everyone involved in the crash was taken to area hospitals. Injuries to four

of the children and the driver of the Honda were considered serious to

critical, police said.


Before the crash, the officer driving the police car had pulled behind the

blue Honda after noticing loud music coming from the vehicle. The blue Honda

began to flee before the officer activated the police car's emergency

lighting, police said.


Charges are pending. No identities were immediately released.