RIDGEFIELD: Woman breaks both legs protesting loud music

The Associated Press

Toni Lynn Lycan, 44, got so mad about the music blasting from the apartment downstairs that she jumped up and down as hard as she could - and broke both her legs, according to police in Ridgefield.

The injury was discovered when officers were sent to the Carriage House Apartments on Thursday afternoon, Police Chief Bruce Hall told The Columbian newspaper in Vancouver.

Lycan yelled at her downstairs neighbor, Allen Haines, 27, to turn down his music. Haines then grabbed a broom and banged the handle on his ceiling.

That infuriated Lycan, so she jumped up in the air and slammed both feet on the floor, hard enough to break both her legs about 4 inches below the kneecap, Hall said.

The Associated Press
(Published 1:10AM, October 19th, 2003)