This list of articles are just a few examples that show the strong correlation among Crime, Violence and Loud Music

Police say Ronnie Rose, 23, of Cincinnati, got into a fight with another man over the loud music coming from the man's car.

A fight erupted and the man with the loud music allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Rose two times in the chest.

Bay County Sheriff's Office deputies responding to a complaint of loud music acted with brutality when dispersing the crowd, according to teen-agers at the scene. But the Sheriff's Office says officers acted professionally, even after being attacked by one of the teen-agers.
†† ``They were at that point trying to protect themselves,'' said BCSO Major W.E. Miller. Miller said Sheriff Guy Tunnell was reluctant to discuss the incident in further detail because of pending criminal cases.

UTICA, N.Y. An Oneida County judge declared a mistrial yesterday in the case of a New York City man accused of shooting to death two Utica men in 2004.

After two days of discussion, the jury was unable to decide whether 27-year-old Delamar Brown was guilty.

Brown was accused of shooting to death 22-year-old Ricky Powell and 19-year-old Brian West of Utica at a local intersection.

2/20/99 - Fredrick Hubbard, 32, unarmed, refused to turn down volume of music. He was shot and killed by Gabriel Bradshaw, an apartment security guard, who claimed Hubbard began chasing him when asked to turn down the loud music.

Deputy Constable Grayson was shot and killed after he and another deputy responded to a local park on a call of loud music. Upon their arrival the suspect began assaulting Deputy Constable Grayson and then shot him in the chest.

Deputy Constable Grayson had been with the agency for eight years and was survived by his wife and child.

Williams said he was helping Chmielewski resolve a dispute over loud music with his cousin, who lived across the street. But he maintains he left to go to downtown Cleveland for the evening and didnít learn of her death until he was arrested at his motherís house.
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) -- 2/14/89 -- An off-duty police officer banged
a rifle butt on his floor to make a downstairs neighbor turn down his loud music, and ended up shooting his upstairs neighbor in the leg, police said.

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1992 murders prove no street is immune

Arriving home early, worrying how he would explain his latest job fiasco to his wife, he told police that he went over to the Wiley home next door to complain about loud music coming from Kristin's upstairs bedroom.

According to Mays' confession, Kristin sassed him when he asked her to turn down the music.

Across the intersection and down the block, Austin police told reporters that Elendu's daughter, Sophia King, gave officers no choice but to draw their guns when they saw her wielding a knife as she stood over a person who was on the ground.

"She was getting ready to stab a housing authority (employee)," police Lt. Robert Collins said. "She lunged. The officer fired one shot."

Tuesday was the second time police had been called to King's apartment in two days, and the housing agency had begun the process of evicting her for consistently playing "loud music and conducting herself in an inappropriate manner," Hargrove said.

City's first homicide of 1997 tied to loud music

An East Palo Alto man was shot and killed early Sunday morning, apparently because he was playing a radio too loudly.

The incident began when Jaime Tajimaroa Huante, 25, of 2187 Clarke Ave., came home about 1 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 2, and was playing his car stereo loudly, said Sgt. Don O'Keefe of the East Palo Alto Regional Investigative Bureau.

A man staying at the Clarke Street house, Guillermo Baltazar Bernal, 19, complained to Huante about his radio, and the two men started arguing, O'Keefe said.

At that point, witnesses saw Bernal fire a semiautomatic handgun into the ground in front of Huante, who was standing in the kitchen doorway. Witnesses told police that Bernal then shot Huante in his arm, and Huante fell down on the kitchen floor. "Bernal then came into the residence and fired two more shots into Huante's body as he lay semi-conscious on the floor," O'Keefe said.

After the shooting, Bernal ran off and Huante was taken to Stanford Hospital, where he later died.

Bay County Sheriff's Office deputies responding to a complaint of loud music acted with brutality when dispersing the crowd, according to teen-agers at the scene. But the Sheriff's Office says officers acted professionally, even after being attacked by one of the teen-agers.
†† ``They were at that point trying to protect themselves,'' said BCSO Major W.E. Miller. Miller said Sheriff Guy Tunnell was reluctant to discuss the incident in further detail because of pending criminal cases.
†† According to BCSO reports, nine people ages 17 to 22 were arrested at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday for charges including disorderly conduct, unlawful assembly, possession of marijuana, possession of a concealed weapon and battery on a law enforcement officer.

Three 18-year-old women were given tickets alleging underage drinking after police broke up a party in the W19000 block of Pleasant View Drive at 12:38 a.m. Feb. 19. Police received an anonymous complaint of loud noise and a possible drinking party. A man hosting the party on his 21st birthday was given a ticket alleging providing alcohol to minors.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Dr. Richard Whittington, a coroner in Birmingham, England, has ruled that noisy neighbors helped drive John Vanderstam, a 46-year-old Birmingham resident, to suicide last November. The neighbors reportedly played loud music and had domestic disputes frequently.

According to the article, Dr. Whittington said Vanderstam died as a result of an assault on his eardrums "just as much as a man who is hit in the face and falls to the ground." The noise was "a cogent factor" in causing Vanderstam to snap, the coroner said, adding "This should prey on the minds of those who make noise, whoever they are."

Melissa E. Watson, 26, of the 500 block of Water Street was charged with disorderly conduct and intoxication Aug. 22 after she was accused of entering a home and passing out. The resident did not know her.

Rachael A. Gierke, 20, of the 1200 block of Dean Court was charged Aug. 20 with trafficking in marijuana and unlawful noise. Police responding to a loud-music complaint detected an odor of marijuana and found marijuana that had been packaged for sale under a couch.

After the shooting, police said, Montgomery and Adina Semonelle carried the wounded and bleeding Lisa to the yard next door. They hid her near bushes to avoid getting in trouble.

Neighbors say Mrs. McElhaney is a nice woman doing her best with the children, but neighbors complain about loud music and teen gatherings at the house.

The article said that previously, Woolaway had gone to the lower ground floor flat of Barry Andrews to complain about the loud music which had awakened him. Woolaway had threatened to smash the stereo if the music was not turned off.

According to the article, on January Woolaway was later seen wrestling with Andrews outside the lower ground floor flat and exchanging blows because of Andrews's noisy stereo.

According to Andrews, Woolaway had grabbed him round and neck. "I stabbed him again and again because I thought he was going to kill me," he said.

(28 February 2000, London, Ohio) Some artists bleed for their creative work, but usually not literally. That standard changed on Monday, when a gangster-rap video artist put his final effort into his project, and shot himself in the head while the cameras rolled.

24-year-old Robert created the 10-minute video at his apartment with his brother Michael and a friend named Fred. On camera, Robert reached for a .22-caliber handgun, swung the muzzle of the gun to his temple, and fired the gun.

INVERNESS Ė A Pine Hill Road resident at 10:07 p.m. Sunday reported being disturbed by loud music from somewhere north of Woodhaven Road. He said that when he found the people responsible for the music and complained, a dispute broke out. He said he believed one of the people had followed him home and had just pulled into his driveway.

The teens, who had been smoking marijuana and drinking beer and whiskey, apparently panicked after Hargrove shot Wright in the back of the head about 11:30 p.m. while playing with a .22-caliber revolver inside his mother's Seffner mobile home, said sheriff's spokesman Rod Reder.

Late Monday, Wright, who is on life support, was listed in extremely critical condition at Tampa General Hospital.

Reder said Hargrove's mother, Sari Mallary, was home during the shooting, but did not hear the gunshot because of loud music in the home.

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. (AP) - A dispute between two neighbors over loud music ended Monday with one shooting the other and then turning the gun on himself, authorities said.

Neighbors called authorities after hearing eight to 10 gunshots following a heated argument, said Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino.

Officer Michael Nickerson and Deputy Jason Schwenz were shot and killed after responding to a noise complaint.

The two officers and a state trooper had responded to the complaint and had been given permission to enter the mobile home by the suspect's mother, who lived across the street. The officers were in a screened in porch and had identified themselves when the suspect told them not to come in or they would get hurt. When the officers opened the door, the suspect opened fire with a shotgun, striking Deputy Schwenz and Officer Nickerson.

Jenkins was shot after a night of confrontations between Martinez and a group of men along Seaward Avenue in the Pierpont beach neighborhood of Ventura.

Martinez, who had recently moved to the area from a Las Vegas suburb and lived at a nearby motel with his parents, was driving his car up and down the street with loud music blaring.

Ricardo Garcia, 18, Leonel Ramirez, 23, and Abel Velasquez, 22, were arrested at 3:46 a.m., on April 8 at Fourth and Palm streets. Garcia was arrested for minor in possession, Ramirez and Velasquez were arrested for disorderly conduct-loud music and furnishing alcohol to minors.

At a 2 a.m. Saturday, Uintah County deputies responded to a complaint of loud music.

When deputies, Rocky Samuels, Leonard Isaacson and Corporal Vance Norton arrived in the area, they could hear the music from one to two blocks away. At the residence they found a number of vehicles parked outside and a stereo inside the residence was playing loudly. Deputy Samuels asked to speak to the owner of the residence and was escorted inside by someone at the party.

When Deputy Samuels entered the residence, he reported seeing a plate with a large quantity of what appeared to marijuana as well as a marijuana smoking device sitting on the counter.

The owner of the residence and another man began to push and tell the deputy that he couldn't be in the residence. Deputy Samuel handcuffed one suspect while the other grabbed the marijuana and ran for the bathroom. The deputy knocked on the bathroom door and the suspect would not allow him in. After a few moments, the male opened the door and began to yell at Deputy Samuels.

An argument over some loud music reportedly led to a fatal shooting at a Lincoln Park apartment complex just after midnight Friday.

A man living in a first floor unit at the Village Green of Lincoln Park apartment community was apparently upset with the volume of the music coming from his 42-year-old neighbor's apartment.

The man reportedly kicked through a common wall between his unit and the neighbor's unit.

The neighbor responded by walking over to the man's apartment and exchanging words with him, according to reports.

Police say as the neighbor headed back to his unit, the man came out into the hallway with a gun and fired one shot at the neighbor. The neighbor died instantly after the bullet pierced his heart, Local 4 reported.

A 17-year-old youth and a 41-year-old man have been held by police overnight for questioning about a fatal stabbing in North Devon.

A 48-year-old man was stabbed to death on Wednesday night after reports of loud music and arguing in a quiet cottage mews in Torrington.

The deputies, including Donald Lee Schavolt, 48, were investigating a loud music complaint when Waters kicked Schavolt in the leg. Schavolt later collapsed and died at Wellington Regional Medical Center, apparently suffering a massive heart attack.

The press release said the investigation, conducted by the Ramseur Police Department, with assistance from the Randolph County Sheriff's Office, revealed that Chaudhry knocked on Chriscoe's apartment door to complain about the loud music Chriscoe was playing. An argument ensued between the two men and Chaudhry went back to his apartment, retrieved a loaded shotgun and returned to Chriscoe's apartment.

Chriscoe had a shotgun nearby, and when Chaudhry returned, Chriscoe fired one shot which hit Chaudhry in the front portion of his body.

Xavier Smith, 18, has been charged with attempted murder because police said he shot a man who told him to turn down the loud music he was playing.

This is not the first incident," said a police officer's wife who asked not to be identified. "There were constantly cars and kids in and out, loud music, partying all the time.

"I don't know if there was anything they could have arrested him for, but we all suspected drugs and carrying-on. The neighbors over there complained a lot."

In the wee hours of the morning Friday, one of Murphy's gatherings erupted into fatal violence, leaving one man dead of a gunshot wound and another in critical condition. Murphy, 24, is the prime suspect.

A foreign worker stabbed a housemate to death with a butcher's knife after an argument over loud music, a court has been told.

A complaint of loud music from a duplex at 2110 140th Ave. N.W. in Andover Tuesday morning shattered residentsí tranquil images of their community as a pleasant mix of urban and rural lifestyles.

When it was all over, a 29-year-old male, Erik D. Nylen, was found dead in the kitchen of the duplex and Deputy Dustin Reichert, 31 as of Wednesday, was transported to Mercy Hospital with gunshot wounds to his right upper arm and pelvis.

POWAY ---- A man who allegedly threatened a neighbor who complained about loud music went to jail, sheriff's Sgt. Larry Kusler said Sunday.

The woman called deputies about 6:15 p.m. Saturday about music at a gathering at another Crestline Drive home, Kusler said. Deputies arrived, told a man at the home to turn down the sound and he did.

But after the deputies left, Kusler said, the man went to the neighbor woman and threatened to kill her if she ever called deputies again about him.

He drove her to a trailer park, led her into a room wallpapered with posters of nude women and handcuffed her to the bed before raping her. At one point, the suspect kissed the woman on the forehead before going to his construction job, then changed his mind and raped her again, police said.

The woman screamed when the man was at work, but could not be heard over loud music he turned on before he left, the affidavit said.

In an investigation of a criminal network plotting revenge killings of police officers, 23 men and women were taken into custody early Tuesday in two drug raids east of Auburn.

Five of the 23 were booked into jail for investigation of drug dealing and firearms violations following the pre-dawn raids, the culmination of a methamphetamine, identity theft, and weapons investigation that has lasted several weeks.

One neighbor said she had heard rumors of drug problems on the property, which is littered with cars and junk, but she had not had problems with the people there.

``I heard that they were busted before,'' she said.

Another neighbor said the junk and the loud music coming from the property upset some neighbors who called county authorities.

Pretoria, Africa, Man shot dead over loud music. A man was shot dead in an argument over loud music in the Diepsloot squatter camp, south of Pretoria, on Sunday evening, police reported on Monday.

Tuesday, March 16, 1999 Police face loaded gun at door

NEWTON, N.H. -- When police showed up at Brian A. Lengle's apartment, they wanted him to turn down his music.

Instead, they were staring down the barrel of a loaded semiautomatic pistol and had to wrestle Mr. Lengle to the ground, said Police Lt. Richard A. Labell.

"Nite City Nightclub is really located in the middle of a residential neighborhood -- up in the Madison mobile home park," said Scott Gregory, chief of town of Madison police. "We have a lot of quality of life issues that we're dealing with at this time with loud music, loud stereos from cars, excessive speeding from cars and those type of issues."

Police say suspect Kevin Evers who lives upstairs, walked down about 4 a.m. and asked them to turn down the music. When they refused, he allegedly went across the street and sat down. When a man approached him, he pulled a gun and started firing, police say.

Students who witnessed the fights said a confrontation over loud music escalated to the point where a fight broke out. Two separate incidents occurred in the campus quad before school authorities were able to bring the situation under control.

APPLE VALLEY ó Getting back to normal will take some time for Apple Valley residents who live near a recent shootout that killed a man and wounded another, they said.

Neighbors said people from the home and their friends played loud music, flashed vehicle lights into windows at night, ran through the yards of other people's homes, intimidated people and threatened to take over the neighborhood.

Telling someone to "turn it down" nearly cost Tony Disano his life early Friday morning. He was shot at for his troubles.