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The incessant and invasive booming bass of the car stereo is a pestilence that has pervaded our lives and communities beyond any reasonable limits of tolerance.

Our quality of life has been devastated through the unconscionable greed of the manufacturers who market the misuse of infrasonic technology and promote audio terrorism to those who have no sense of empathy or respect for the rights of others.

In response, Lowertheboom.org is dedicated to:

  • Educating community leaders, government and law enforcement officials, and individuals on the detrimental effects of HI/LF noise
  • Providing support to victims of audio terrorism
  • Effecting change needed to restore a healthy soundscape to the community

If you represent law enforcement or hold public office, please enter here.

Content Overview

You know that the thrumming, pulsing boom from today's car stereos bothers you and invades your life like few things can. Do you know why?

You know you are miserable and perhaps literally sick of the low-frequency bass. Did you know that this form of sonic assault is an intentional orchestration by a group of American corporations with the blessing of some of our highest-ranking politicians?

The research will amaze you. You don't need to take our word for it. The more independent research you do, the more you will validate what is on this site. This new technology generates new considerations that must be addressed today.

We need to lower the boom.

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We Are

We are a composite sample of all walks of life. We are old, middle-aged, and young. We are doctors, musicians, retired, laborers, writers, and housewives. We are nurses, unemployed, professors, and students. We are normal, rational people who have realized that something is desperately wrong with our living environment and quality of life. We are good Americans, and good people who know what freedom is and value it dearly.

 "Soundscape activists do not seek an unnatural soundscape, devoid of life. Sounds of healthy living are also sounds which are invigorating -- kids playing, acoustic instruments, animal noises, people conversing, laughing, singing.

Sounds, especially the sounds of nature, orientate us to our surroundings. But we need a certain amount of assurance that the interior of our homes, the personal sanctuary where we renew ourselves, will not be invaded by harsh sounds from an unnatural, exterior soundscape -- like ...boom cars... Without this assurance, urban and suburban life become very draining."

-- Susan Nunn